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Prince William : The Monarchy's New Hope

Prince William : New Hope of The Monarchy

When Prince William walks his university sweetheart Kate Middleton down the aisle on Friday, it will be the next step for Princess Diana's eldest son,
Prince William on his journey to becoming king. Prince William has overcome the tragedy of his mother's death when Prince William was 15 to become the great hope of the British Royal family in the 21st century.

 Prince William Wedding News: Prince William : The Monarchy's New Hope 

Opinion polls show a majority of the public want the 28-year-old second in line to the throne to leapfrog his father Prince Charles in the order of succession and take the throne after Queen Elizabeth II. Such a move is highly unlikely, but it is a measure of popularity of Prince William . Where Charles is stuffy, traditional and surrounded by staff, his eldest son, Prince William has managed to lead a relatively normal life by Royal standards.

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