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Prince William's Dinner Party of Turned Away

Prince William and friends turned away from 
Restaurant in Wales near Prince William's military base

Everyone wants to get close to Prince William as his wedding approaches — but it turns out the future king, Prince William can't always get the restaurant table Prince William wants.

 Prince William Wedding News: Dinner Party of Prince William  Turned Away in Wales
Prince William and a group of his friends were turned away from the Seacroft restaurant in Wales on Sunday night because the establishment didn't have room to seat about 20 additional guests.
A local businessman, Jonathan Campbell, 39, said the restaurant phoned the nearby Treaddur Bay hotel to see if  Prince William and a group of his friends could take the party. "They thought it was a joke that it was Prince William and his buddies and Prince William and his friends had to ring three or four times and say 'no, this is real,'" he said.

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