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Prince William and Kate Relax in build-up to Ceremony

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Relax in build-up to ceremony

Within touching distance of their wedding, you might expect Prince William and Kate Middleton to be making frantic last-minute arrangements for the biggest day of their lives. But Prince William and Kate Middleton looked anything but a couple who are about to take their vows in front of two billion people as they adopted a distinctly low-key approach to their preparations.

 Prince William Wedding News: Prince William and Kate Middleton relax in build-up to ceremony

Prince William enjoys a game of football ahead of his wedding. Just 48 hours before she becomes a royal bride, Miss Middleton was spotted unloading a cardboard box from Tesco from her car at Clarence House. The Prince William , meanwhile, played five-a-side football in Battersea Park, south London, wearing a thrown-together kit of mismatched socks, shorts and T-shirt.

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