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Prince William and Kate's Modern Royal Wedding

Prince William and Kate
Plan a Modern Royal Wedding

Many aspects of wedding are dictated by tradition but the couple, Prince William and Kate is making some key decisions. Kate Middleton and Prince William have made key decisions about their wedding, including the choice of charities to benefit from donations in lieu of gifts.

 Prince William Wedding News: Prince William and Kate's Modern Royal Wedding

The wedding hats are trimmed, the horses and carriages have been shod and shined, the cakes and flowers and canapés soon will be pouring out of Buckingham Palace's kitchens and perfuming Westminster Abbey. Months of carefully staged-managed preparations conclude next Friday when
Prince William of Wales and his fiancé, Catherine "Kate" Middleton, wed in a ritual blending tradition, pageantry and modernity under the gaze of a billion eyes and in a likely flood of a zillion tweets.

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