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2010 Special Wedding Dress Satin Smooth

Wedding Dresses, Dresses
Wedding Dresses, Dresses
2010 Special Wedding Dress Satin Smooth

Mustard Relish Hot Dog Clip Art

Today we bring you another entry in the hot dog clip art series. This one is a mustard and relish hot dog clipart image. I have never been a big fan of relish so the image doesn't look particularly appetizing to me, but I know there are lots of people out there that love it so maybe they'll enjoy the image more!

In any case I can appreciate the design and artistry that when into creating it.

Mustard relish hot dog clip art

Elegant Wedding Gown, Bridal Dress

Elegant Wedding Gown, Bridal Dress

an elegant wedding gown embroidery detail with glass beading

Red Bridesmaid Dress Gown

Red Bridesmaid Dress Gown

red strapless bridesmaid dress plain gown

Wedding Dresses Ideas

Wedding Dresses Ideas

Wedding Dresses Ideas

Wedding Dresses Ideas

Wedding Dress'

Wedding Dress'

wrinkly wedding dress, bridal gown

Things That Make You Go Hmm...: Princess Stephanie

Just Stephanie in general, really, makes me go Hmm.  But this month, well.....

At the Fight AIDS Gala, 16 July.
Would you like to recreate this look?  (Stop laughing.)  This handkerchief dress is available to you for just 19 euros, my friends.  It's on sale!  (I wonder why.)  Though I'm not sure how much it will cost you to make yourself this color.

At the Red Cross Ball, 30 July.
Now, if this look is more your style (Halloween is just around the corner, kids!), just take a trip to your local costume shop.  You'll want to focus your search in the female superhero section.

Sidebar: Poor Charlene.  She's making such an effort to look lovely, and it's all for naught.  Nobody's looking in her direction.

Dodge Viper Str 10

Flashback Friday: Queen of Trousers

One of the most shocking things from this week's royal sartorial news did not come from one of our usual fashion experimenters, but from one of the most consistent and safe:
The Queen wore trousers! Shocking, I say! To board a rented yacht for a little family holiday time, she sported this mint green pant suit with an Hermès scarf and, in another shocker, no brooch! Thankfully the pearls, the handbag, and the sensible black shoes are still intact so we can recognize her. So rare are the occasions we've seen her in trousers, I have to wonder: why? Let's flashback to our previous glimpses of the Queen in non-skirt attire and investigate.

Did she wear them...out of event-specific necessity?
Doubt it. Task specific, maybe?
Not unless she was planning on chipping in to get the yacht moving. (Mechanic training from World War II would translate, right?) Hopefully it wasn't medically necessary...
...as it was when leaving the hospital in 2003. Maybe it was just a fashion experiment?
I doubt that too. This official event (during a visit to Canada in 1970) is the only time she's worn trousers while going about her job, I believe.

Or, is this a peek at the true off duty Queen?
Perhaps a return to the Groovy Queen that vacationed on the royal yacht Britannia in the 1970s, with the groovy toned down according to the passing decades? If that's the case, I'm truly bummed we didn't get another peek at the royal bell bottoms.

Photos: Reuters/fashion-era.com/AP/Getty/Telegraph/Daily Mail/Daylife

Strapless Wedding Dress 2010 with Beautiful Shawl

Wedding Dresses, Dresses

Surely you agree with me when I saw this strapless wedding dress, so beautiful and interesting. Designed from soft cloth and gently with additions such as embroidery and crystal ornaments in some parts. Lace wedding dress was indeed more beautiful, and sexy. Equipped with a beautiful embroidered shawl.

Horse Coloring Pages

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on makeup artist...

salam everyone,

I know i haven't been the best at updating my blog,  alhamdulillah i just recovered from the worst food poisoning  I have ever gotten....tersuk sgt, sampai i had fever....

anyway also it donesn't help that my laptop still rosak, heish i haven't had the time to reformat my PC...

ok todays topic is on makeup artist...( sadly i have not receive any official pictures, so all pictures will only be uploaded once i dah dapat the gambar, i will update this post)

during our functions, we manage to work with 4 makeup artist, which is Sue cantik, Lova, Ayang kamel and A...ok...

now lets start with the good news,

MY untimate favourite makeup is def by faarrrr by LOVA...mmg me and my sis paling suka makeup by lova...she has this natural way of doing our face, just as how i want my makeup to be....so natural yet beautiful..lova's foundation is golden, so my skin macam had a glow, the whole day tak crack and the best part, it tak nampak putih on digital camera..i love it sooooo much, very simple but beautiful mashaAllah....so yes if anybody asks which makeup i love most, it has to be LOVA...i quote what habib said " from now on only Lova can makeup your face, no one else"..

sue cantik, was very nice, but my biggest issue is because sue is a man, and the foundation is tebal sikit, so my foundation cracked during the function, my face looked dry..tapi in the picture and video, mmg tak nampak...so i still love the makeup....

ok as for ayang and kak A....

ayang, mashaAllah is the nicest makeup artist among all...so lembut, while we were getting ready(imagine there was 4 orang kot tgh makeup sekali) ayang was very sweet to  let us pinjam his eyeliner....ohh he is so baik....tapi is not that I didn't like ayangs makeup,  i just feel that, it didn't suit our kind of face itu je...but i have to say, ayang is very very baik...

lastly ..kak A( i cannot name her sbb this is a bad review) was friendly, we were talking quite byk masa she buat makeup...so i explained to kak A, i only like 1 type of makeup...heavy eyes but nude lipstick and blusher...but sadly, she didn't give me that type of makeup..when i saw myself at the miror, my lipstick sgt merah, and blusher sgt merah..and when i said, terang sgt, she was a bit upset, and cakap, "tak dik nanti kat camera nampak natural"...you see itu yang buat a marah, sebab sue cantik and lova, did a very natural nude look, and takde pun nampak pudar on camera

sampai I open my pictures, to show how sue and lova mekup my face...stress sgt masa ni..lepas tu, i cakap nak light lagi colour dia....she pun sampai 3 kali tukar colour and sindir me and said, kalau colour macam ni, macam tak pakai lipstick and warna lagi pudar dari my own lips...but for me, that is what I want...

But masa i saw gmabr from the pictures he took,  daniel zain tunjuk sikit, the makeup ok masa malam tu, tapi gambar siang semua mmg nampak my blusher and lipstick terang....and my foundation colour macam grey sikit(takda glow). I'm also upset because i bayar RM 750 (lagi mahal dari lova and ayang kamel), and i saw some product makeup yang murah.....i feel cheated esp on the foundation that is why my foundation looks grey...i'm very particular about cheap makeup, sebab i have sensitive skin...cheap makeup product uses cheap chemicals...but the best part is after everything she sms me to minta maaf and said hoped i liked the makeup...walaupun ada problem sikit, all in all it was ok....it was my mistake jugak, I pun nak tukar her trademark style, of course she pun tak happy...

for lova and sue cantik, mmg i have seen bride lain and i suka the style...tapi the other 2 makeup artist tu, mmg i tak minat sgt, esp the colour of the foundation..I am very particular with the colour of the foundation....i paling tak suka when the foundation turns grey or white...tak nampak seri....
My advice to everyone, find a makeup artist yang u suka, from what you  see at other brides...

p/s: what is cantik and beautiful for me, might be too simple or tak cantik for others...please take note that this is a personal review of my personal taste...

Week in Review: Crown Princess Mette-Marit, 18-24 July

First of all, I totally missed a bunch of outfits from last week (the Vienna conference was 17-19 July, wasn't sure which days had which outfits).  Those have been added to last week's review post.  Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming:

Here's what Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore the week of 18-24 July:
  1.  The opening day of the International AIDS Conference in Vienna, 18 July.  Not gonna lie, I totally love a princess that eats ice cream at a public event in her white dress.
  2. The opening evening of the International AIDS Conference, 18 July, a) in action and b) on the Valentino runway.  Sporting the same Valentino kicks she wore for Victoria and Daniel's pre-wedding concert.
  3. Once again, at the conference, 19 July.  This is like the same pose every drunk college girl has struck at some point in her life, but ya gotta love her enthusiasm for the event t-shirt.
  4. Family photos for Haakon's 37th birthday, 20 July.
Best and Worst of the Week
No trouble picking a best this week - yellow for the win!  Love her in color.  And I think she does better things with this dress than the runway model did.  I had trouble picking a worst, though - the t-shirt doesn't really go with the red jacket and skirt, but that's not her fault; the white lacy dress for the photoshoot is typically pale Mette-Marit, but it worked with what the rest of the family was wearing and with the scenery.  So, ice cream dress it is.

Photos: Daylife/Getty Images/Marcio Madeira/Style.com/Belga

Three choices of colors and models are beautiful bridesmaid dress

Wedding Dresses, Dresses
Three choices of colors and models are beautiful bridesmaid dress

World Strange Places (Part 4) - Rare Photos and Information...

White Terraces

Natural Wonders from New Zealand that just memories because destroyed by the Tarawera volcanic eruption in 1886. The natural phenomenon of warm water that formed by geysers that blast down the hillside across the thickness of ice left, the largest pool of warm water was recorded around 3 acres. Before the destruction of this phenomenon, It belongs to ” The Eighth Wonder of the World “.

Bathing at the White Terrace

Before the eruption of Mt Tarawera in 1886, the Pink and White Terraces at Rotomahana were a spectacular tourist attraction. The terraces had natural silica basins where you could bathe. When English novelist Anthony Trollope sampled one of the pools in the early 1870s he wrote, ‘The baths are … like vast open shells, the walls of which are concave, and the lips ornamented in a thousand forms … I have never heard of other bathing like this in the world.’ Here, three men (one Pākehā and two Māori) share a bath at the White Terrace, about 1880. Racially mixed bathing became less usual in the later 19th century.

Rice Terraces

In Luzon Province of the Northern Philippines, through mountains and rice terraces, the road ends at a church, in a small town called Banaue. 4,000 feet above sea level in Banaue sits a small market village in Ifugao province. Located north of Manila in the Philippines, Ifugao province is famous for the handiwork of its people, who increased cultivable lands by carving gigantic rice terraces from the sides of mountains. For over 2,000 years, the people of Batad have built these terraces, one stone at a time.

This growing, living stairway stretches far beyond what the eye can see. Taking an estimated 2,000 years to build, the still-productive rice terraces rise from the valley floor to heights of up to 3,000 feet, a feat of engineering so substantial that some call them the eighth wonder of the world. The only man made wonder which was literally sculpted from the earth. A scarcity of water has led to some rice patties drying up.The mountainous rice terraces of Banaue and vicinity in the Philippines are mankind’s grandest scaled engineering feat. The vertical distance between bottom and top rows exceeds the height of the world’s tallest building. If the terraces were laid end to end, they would stretch half way around the world.

Banaue is known for its rice terraces built along the mountains sides like stairways reaching the sky. 2000 years ago Ifugao's constructed it by using their bare hands and & wood as tools. The terraces are located in Banaue, Hungduan, Kiangan & Mayoyao. Banaue rice terraces are dubbed as the 8th Wonder of the World . Batad is a popular for its amphitheater-shaped terraces & the cascading Tappiyah Waterfall.