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Love Coloring Pages Collection 2010

I asked with the universe about the meaning of "LOVE", and then one by one they answered ...

Earth replied:
"LOVE is the place to grow any stretch of happiness and hope for it. He was crushed and humiliated, but he did not care. Love thought only of giving, and that's all wish. "

Water replied:
"LOVE is the rain that fosters the seeds of a sense of joy, their willingness to be bound, longing and melancholy, or the vast ocean of love as an umbrella all the feelings

Fire said:
"Love is the searing heat of all, he was destroyed in order to live and work. By feel, being willing to fire in anger and rebellion. "

Wind said:
"LOVE is the blast that spread love without knowing who its purpose. They say he's blind, because it wanted. He is invisible, but all sports will be empty without it. "

Sky said:
"LOVE is an area without borders. The extent of creatures no one knows. Except that the love is happy, blue, gray or suffer darkly

Sun replied:
"Love is life and life to energize the light of hope. He will not give until he tired out and die. "

Tree said:
"LOVE is the root that sustains everything. He was sincere so no need to visible and known. But he continues to remain strong in order to stem the eternal happiness, fruiting and flowering beautifully. "

Mountain said:
"LOVE is the feeling of soaring. Pain was so calm and soothing. But when a bad mood, he would merge with the ocean surrounding the smoldering lava jealous. "

Then, I asked the LOVE:
"O LOVE, do you actually mean??"

LOVE answer:
"LOVE is that you adhere to Him, even if you do not see Him. You did not kiss him or touch him, but you will be obedient because you feel his presence. Because LOVE is not the senses, but it is the taste. "

"LOVE is going to be afraid of His anger, and fear that if he left you. Afraid that if he does not like you anymore. Then you make excuses to keep close to him, even if you should suffer, or are more sinister than that. "

"LOVE is that you save all hope in Him and not on others. You are not ambiguous in hope, and thus forever. Love is you have been faithful to His slaves, that you live for Him and die for his fondness of you, live and die for Him. You tried so hard so that you are recognized, just as slaves, as slaves. "

"Above all, LOVE is the love that you feel is not singular that you give to others, except in Him. You'll miss his presence and see Him. You like what he likes and hates what He hates you, you feel everything is in Him and all His name. "

I then asked the LOVE:
"Can I taste it?"

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Unique Wedding Dresses Inspiration by Basil Soda Haute Couture

For beautifully unique wedding dresses inspiration, just take a look at the gowns on the runways of Basil Soda Spring/Summer 2010 haute couture collection.

Glittery Whites and Peaches Unique Wedding Dresses

Juxtaposes Silhouettes Unique Wedding Dresses

Shimmer Asymmetrical Unique Wedding Dresses

Cool Silver Shiny Unique Wedding Dresses

Gradation Chiffon Tulle Unique Wedding Dresses

Hot Babe Sexy Desktop Wallpaper

Guest Blogger Jill Bernard: Why I Live in Minnesota

Jill Bernard is a world-renowned improvisor and teacher based in Minneapolis. She is a featured player and Director of Education at Comedy Sportz Twin Cities and a co-founder of HUGE Theater, a company dedicated to furthering the art of long-form improvisation in the Twin Cities. She is also a co-producer of the Twin Cities Improv Festival, held June 24-27 at the Brave New Workshop. If you're in the area, check her out at Comedy Sportz; I'd also highly recommend seeing her solo show, "Drum Machine," as well as her occasional collaboration with iO Chicago's Joe Bill in a two-man Harold show, "Scram." She is also the coach of my Six Ring Circus improv team, Tightrope, and my friend.
More info on her can be found at www.jillbernard.com.

First I would like to thank Max for inviting me to write this guest post. It is always nice to be a guest, especially an invited guest.

I was inspired by a one-question interview of Andy Sturdevant where he answers why he lives here, in Minneapolis. I've been asked this question a lot. Since Max just moved back here, it seems appropriate to ask, and answer.

Like Max and Andy, I am not from Minnesota. I was born in Richmond, VA where I spent two and a half blurry and colorful weeks before moving to Illinois with my brothers and mom and dad. I grew up first in Evanston, IL and then Downers Grove, IL, both Chicago suburbs, Downers Grove decidedly more suburban. Even though we were about an hour train ride from Chicago, I didn't spend much time there as a kid. It was a place for field trips and Christmas. My brother ventured there a lot. I just didn't think of it, I guess. After high school I went to Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA. I chose it because it was small and near home and offered financial aid and liberal arts. I was there for two years and it started to feel too small. People knew your business before you knew it yourself. I stayed in the Midwest because it would've upset my mother too much if I left, but I chose the biggest school I could find, the University of Minnesota. At the time, my friend Pat Tischler was moving here, and I thought, well that will be nice. (Side note: Pat and I saw each other about twice after we got here, in the whole seventeen years. I've no idea how to find him.) I came up for one investigatory weekend, stayed with a friend's parents in Roseville, decided it would be okay, found an apartment through the campus office, and that was that. That was 1992.

I was still a theater major even though I'd already sort've lost interest in scripted theater. I didn't find about improv until a classmate at the U of M, Mikey Heinrich, told me about ComedySportz. I knew right away that improv was to be my life's work. It just felt like I'd been built for it. Sometimes it's like that. I wanted to know everything and study everything and do everything improv.

The logical places to go if improv is your passion are Chicago and New York. Someone said to me recently, "Everyone wants to be famous" and the truth is, I don't. Being famous seems really irritating. I want to be just famous enough to not be homeless or hungry, that is the level of fame I seek. If I had wanted to be famous I would've had to move to New York or Chicago or LA, these are requirements. There are exceptions but you're more likely to get pregnant using a condom than get famous staying in Minnesota. I am not like everyone else. I do not enjoy struggle. I do not enjoy clawing my way to the top. It is not how I best succeed. To be frank, I do my best if everyone just leaves me the fuck alone and lets me do whatever I want. Minneapolis is the perfect place for that. If I want to do an improv show, no one asks my pedigree, no one gives me attitude. I just ask the people I find talented, or maybe hold an audition, and we do a show.

I have a policy. If I walk into a store and no one's at the counter and no one offers to help me, I just leave. If you don't want my business, I won't bother you. I feel similarly about New York and Chicago and LA. There are plenty of improvisors there, they have it covered. I will stay here. People often tell me I'd be very successful one place or another, and I don't think they're lying. I would just rather stay here.

How is it working? Terribly. This is a terrible idea that I would not recommend to anyone. There is not a way to make a living as a professional improvisor in Minneapolis. That is not a thing that exists. You have to be a theater owner or a writer too, or something. I am doing a thing that is not possible. In Chicago you can get into the Second City or iO system and actually do pretty well. I stayed at Andy Eninger's beautiful apartment while he was out of town and thought, "Oh. I may have made a mistake." So what keeps me?

Minneapolis itself is part of what keeps me. I love it here, it's beautiful. I am the only person I know who is giddy from first snowflake to last. I can never have enough. Part of that is because I don't have a car - most of what people hate about snow involves the roads and the cars and the getting places. Mostly I just love the cold, and the pretty pretty snow. I don't know about North Minneapolis, people say there are violent unsafe parts, but in South Minneapolis the parts that people call "ghetto" are the furthest from Warsaw 1940 that you can imagine - they're called "ghetto" because poor people live there, but I'm poor so I don't care. Minneapolis strikes me as a safe, clean city, and it passes the smile test. I never want to live anywhere where strangers won't return your smile. That leaves Chicago right out, and excludes much of New York, maybe Queens or Brooklyn would be okay. People talk about "Minnesota Nice" like it's a bad thing. Look, I don't care if the civility is fake or not, I like politeness. Please and thank you and holding the door are a drug to me. I like kindness, a lot. Kindness takes space. My theory is the only reason New Yorkers are rude is because they're on top of each other, you have to shove somebody or you'll miss your subway stop. Minneapolis has space, space to be polite, space to do whatever I want to do artistically.

I feel like I'm supposed to say "the people" is what keeps me here, but that does a disservice to all the people I know and love in New York and LA and Chicago. I genuinely love and adore my Minneapolis friends, and I'm thrilled by the people I get to collaborate with at ComedySportz and HUGE and Six Ring, they're absolutely top drawer. But it's uninformed to think that everyone in New York is cynical or everyone in LA is plastic. You can never say "everyone" is anything. The minute you get to know more than two people that myth is dispelled. I enjoy Minneapolis improvisors because they are open-hearted and unpretentious and game for anything. There's a lot less bullshit among Minneapolis improvisors. There's no steamrolling blowhards, which is to say the Minnesota version of a steamrolling blowhard is the same as the Minnesota version of "spicy." No one's trying to use you to climb the ladder because there is no ladder. That saves a lot of time, but it's not insurmountable in other cities. I've worked on Chicago productions, most notably WNEP's "Defending Your Life," that had no bullshit. It can be done, the people are out there.

The reason why I'm here, then is a combo package - it's the people AND the weather AND the something else. The something else. The something else is it just feels right.

Graceful White Wedding Dress 2010 with Shirred Bodice

Wedding Dress, Wedding Dresses
A beautiful white wedding dress made from a combination sati, chiffon and silk. Decorated with embroidery, sequins and Swarovski crystals. White wedding dress is smooth and elegant, perfect for the spring of 2010.

Cocktail Dresses On Sale

Cocktail Dresses On Sale

Inhuman PTD training

My beautiful cousin mashaAllah was a victim of inhuman treatment during her PTD training "Comando module". And Astaghfirullah she died while doing the training.

Verily to Allah SWT, Belongs what HE took and to HIM belongs what HE gave and everything with HIM has an appointed time...

oh May Allah swt forgive all her sins and Make her amongst those in syurga. And give strength to all family... Ameen ya Rabbal Alameen....

My cousin was not feeling well since Sunday itself, and pihak camp knew it, because they brought her to a clinic in banting and hospital banting.

Pihak kem dah tahu dia sakit tapi paksa dia  buat traning sama dengan yang lain.
Training dia merangkumi masuk lupur. masuk dalam air laut, minum air kotor stokin, kayak for 4 HOURS!


 Yang paling teruk pihak keluarga diberitahu, shima yang sedang sejuk (akibat demam) dan gunakan Jacket, ada seorang tenaga pengajar, yang RAMPAS jacket dari shima, selepas itu paksa shima masuk ke dalam tempat yang berlumpur. Astanghfirullah

Mestilah keadaan nya yang sakit jadi lebih teruk!

What happened at the camp? sampai bila shima sampai hospital, dia sudah dalam keadaan sangat kritikal?

Tak cukup, pihak kem tak cakap pihak keluarga langsung yang shima sakit, walaupun shima dah inform pihat kem untuk memberitahu keluarganya yang dia sakit.

FAMILY WAS ONLY INFORMED on Friday , when she was already tak sedar.

Yang paling saya tak faham, kenapa diorg simpan handphone? mereka bukankah sudah dewasa yang setengah tu sudah ada suami dah anak di rumah? Sebab diorg simpan handphone shima tak dapat inform kelaurga yang dia sakit.

Memang as Muslims mashaAllah, Family has accepted the fate from Allah SWT that today is her time to leave this world... Tapi sangat menyedihkan bila kami dapat tahu cara pihak kem handle kes ini.

Allah SWT knows what happened.Allah SWT knows best... And may all the irresponsible people get whatever they deserve.Amen....





Quoted from Kosmo:-

Seorang rakan mangsa yang enggan dikenali memberitahu, mangsa pernah mengadu tidak sihat ketika latihan masuk hari kedua tetapi dia disahkan hanya mengalami demam biasa selepas mendapatkan rawatan di klinik berdekatan.
"Keadaan bertambah buruk apabila kami semua dipaksa menjalani latihan fizikal yang keras termasuk berkayak selama empat jam, berendam dalam kolam berlumpur dan minum air jus stoking," katanya ketika ditemui semalam.
Tambahnya, ekoran latihan lasak itu, Nor Hashimah semakin tenat apabila mukanya kelihatan pucat dan bibir kebiru-biruan sebelum dihantar ke HTAR Jumaat lalu.

Top Wedding Design 2009


Top Wedding Design 2009


Top Wedding Design 2009


Top Wedding Design 2009


New Bridal Wedding Dress


New Bridal Wedding Dress


New Bridal Wedding Dress


New Bridal Wedding Dress


The Door Wedding Decoration Spring 2010-2011

The doors wedding decoration spring 2010 inviting entryways make an unforgettable first impression.

Formal The Door Wedding Decoration
Formal The Door Wedding Decoration
Inspired by the decorative medallions found in colonial interiors, these twin wreaths strike a sophisticated note.

Wintry The Door Wedding Decoration
Wintry The Door Wedding Decoration
In the case of humble ingredients, more is more. Here, one of the world's least-expensive flowers, baby's breath, is massed in stone pots and above the door like mounds of snow.

Beachy The Door Wedding Decoration
Beachy The Door Wedding Decoration
This maritime bower channels the sound of the surf. The infrastructure is a metal chain from a hardware store, hung above the door (we anchored it to an overhead lamp) and nailed to each side of the arch.

Springy The Door Wedding Decoration
Springy The Door Wedding Decoration
Classic springtime blooms fill the flower boxes that flank the doorway; flats of wheatgrass define the walkway.

Classical The Door Wedding Decoration
Classical The Door Wedding Decoration
Decorating with architectural forms like obelisks and spheres may sound chilly, but when they're covered with lush green bay leaves and placed around a carpet of moss, the result is sophisticated whimsy.

Maria Karin Collection Wedding Dresses Couture 2011

Ruffles Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Luxurious gorgeous gowns from Maria Karin’s Couture 2011 wedding dress collection. A more common style, but very pretty nonetheless. The never seriously considered an off shoulder number before, but I just went to a wedding where the bride wore one and looked absolutely fabulous.

Mermaid Asymmetricall Wedding Dresses

Sexy Ruffles Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

Sexy Red with Flower Detail Wedding Dresses

Ivory Trumpet with Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Gold Bridal Gown



gold bridal gown outfit, embroidery bodice empire waist