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Happy New Year 2010 Coloring Pages

Having a dream alone would not suffice. Not guarantee the realization of the dream destination. Because the dream is the first step that will facilitate the next steps. In dreams, the next steps will be more properly directed.

After having a dream, the next step is very important to visualize that dream becomes a goal clear and detailed. Then start making plans and strategies to take measures to realize these dreams. Thus has a dream of clarity is essential in helping to facilitate detailed planning and action is required.

Remember that dream without a plan and action is merely a dream. When it was set dreams, make plans, work in action is always focused on our dreams and plans. With the focus will be more excited, more focused and gave birth to creativity to find new ways to realize.

If it is done consistently and focus, we will enjoy the results in the coming years. Point your hearts and minds about the beauty of success in realizing our dreams. Imagine at the end of the year, when you look back a list of your dream and your dream of many successful you realize. Very nice is not it?

For that write your dream list. Sure would be nice if we write it and then saw it again accomplishments we have achieved during the trip all year.



hd-desktop-wallpapers.blogspot.com wish you a happy New Year to everyone in 2010

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Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes!!!!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who wished my a Happy Birthday. It really did turn out to be a happy one too! My 14th Birthday will be one I won't forget. LOL!

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The Canadian Government had opened the seal haunting season, allowing hunters to kill up to 275,000 young harp seals on the ice floes off Eastern Canada, 5000 more than 2007 despite their earlier promises of reducing this number.

Once more a gallery from Reuters perfectly describes what's happening:

Stop Seal Hunting

SEALS: Animal rights activists painted themselves with fake blood during a protest against seal hunting near the Canadian embassy in Vienna.