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Hercules Coloring Pages

I wish..

come on.. its just a..

Herc and his... ehm..ehm



Abaya Outfit Idea

I love this abaya outfit, so have made a set inspired by the look :D

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
I was chatting with Ann last week and she was telling me about her idea of buying a vintage wedding dress for her up and coming wedding. Now I must say that I am completely jealous of his girl because she has the waistline of the model and is as thin as they come, she’s the sort of girl that looks amazing no matter what she is wearing. It’s funny I really thought that she was more of a late this designer gown type of person but I’ll be honest she does have a load of taste and if she’s going to be a bride she’s going to decide on what she wants for first style that was sued for a perfect.
Vintage Wedding Dresses
Vintage Wedding Dresses
As we got chatting she asked me if I would go along to a few stores with her so she could actually then get a second opinion from somebody who has been in too wedding dresses for years. At one stage I did own my own company that made all different types of dresses I still make them every now and again but not as much as I used to because I now have other interests. But, I guess I still have a keen eye for style is of wedding gowns and I can tell if somebody is suited to a long dress with sleeves one that may have a nice neckline or sometimes that may be off the shoulder and strapless.

I was meeting Ann on a Wednesday afternoon and she had already made a number of appointments with various bridal stores. The first or we went into had any beautiful Victorian dress that had some really unique features. To be honest it’s something I hadn’t seen before and because Ann has a beautiful tan the white dress simply looked stunning.

Disney Princess Coloring Pages - Cinderella

Happy Cinderella coloring pages


It's time to go.



Hijab Tutorial

I love this hijab style so I thought I'd share it with you all, the video's about 7 minutes long but I think it's worth the watch. It is by MisforMuslim:

Finding Nemo Coloring Pages

up.. up.. and away!

Look! my fin is bigger!


face expression



Oh No!!!!

My computer is broken once again!!! So I am currently using my cousins computer. Until I get it fixed I won't be able to post up on the blog. So goodbye for now... until my computer gets fixed = (

Iftar Out

Hope Ramadan is going good! Here's and outfit idea if you want something to wear to an Iftar out:

Iftar Out

Iftar Out by Zaenab

Underwater Coloring Pages - Mr. Octopus

Just wanna make love symbol with my tentacles




Alhamdulillah met the designer......and he changed the design, according to how i imagined my attire would be...he said " u ni memang suka simple je, takpa i boleh buat"...i smiled and amat happy...Mr.R really has a good heart...i think its just me that overreact to the whole situation (malu i baca balik my last entry) betul cakap fizz design dia memang meletup......hehehe...

The sales girl from jakel was very pushy...habibs material, baju melayu masa dah nak potong she said don't worry dik satin je..i tanya harga dia cakap ala tak mahal...RM 200 p/meter je...crazy dahlah we are taking 10m! of course we settled with a cheaper material..but still looks and feels good...my advice make sure u know from where dia ambil the material...and make sure she is clear with your budget...

For my tandang outfit i will send to a designer that i have admired since 5 yrs ago.. i love his cutting and style..

alhamdulillah..now I'm happy...

Ramadan Kareem

I hope Ramadan is going well for you all, we're into the second day and only 4.5 hours to go for me till Fatoor! I may be posting slightly less as I'm moving house at the moment and soon to be staring university. I also want to knuckle down and finish reading the Quran before Eid, Insha'Allah (I'm half way through so wish me luck lol) and focus on fasting as opposed to fashion for a while. I hope that you all get what you want from Ramadan and that your efforts are rewarded abundantly. I love all of you, my sisters in Islam.


Abstract Coloring Pages

Can you imagine this coloring pages?



Wedding budget...


I'm going to change the topic sikit for a while..hehehe....I was discussing with my friend who just got married recently about her wedding and the topic makeup came about...Naddynad, Aim yg buat...and It was very nice and natural...hehehe..i really liked it...boleh nego price as well..btw about my makeup update..hari tu I asked Liza availability in Feb....dia dah penuh...so Takde rezeki to take her...nasib baik got back up plan....alhamdulillah....

Ok now back to the topic, Yesterday for the first time I sat down listed everything we needed and everything that we have spent on for the wedding ( listed in excel, siap bercolour2 lagi..hehehe)....and guess what...my budget dah terlebih!!!! all this while i kira2 here and there...and I was so bangga to my siblings coz i told them "see u can plan a beautiful cheap wedding"...looks like I was WRONG....now i kena go through everything again, and cut down everything...its so sad... I have to admit from a simple wedding that i wanted, lagi research I did lagi i wanted more and more..Totally my fault...Alhamdulillah mama pun decided to sponsor a few things here and there..but she warned "it does not mean u can go crazy and spend"...yes, mum....
tmrw me and habib heading to jakel nak beli kain for family...inilah salah satu benda I didn't know it HAD TO COME OUT FROM MY WEDDING BUDGET... but its all good...because the best people to receive sedeqah is Family of course...and kitorg dah survey byk tempat and memang jakel is paling reasonable...also we are getting 1 set kain for 1 of our reception..inshaAllah...last week dah book dah, but since i'm cutting down my budget kena tukar kain...and this is something i discovered at our 1st trip to jakel....beaded chiffon can be more expensive then lace..heish..ada a few yg tersangat cantik...sampai RM 7k per meter...but of course yg kitorg book was much cheaper...they also have this amazing wedding package RM 680 sahaja for beaded chiffon 4m+ lining silk satin + baju melayu 5m..yes all in...

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