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Prince William and Country Are Lucky to have Kate

Royal Wedding: Prince William and Country Are Lucky to have Kate Middleton

Sensible, steely but warm-hearted, Kate Middleton will bring a refreshing informality to the custom-bound royals, says Allison Pearson. Marrying the man you love might be considered enough of a first for any woman. But on Friday at 11am, when Catherine Middleton steps into Westminster Abbey to exchange vows with Prince William , this commoner will become a true royal pioneer.

 Prince William Wedding News: Prince William and country are lucky to have Kate Middleton

Kate will be the first royal bride to have a university degree, the first to have lived with her husband, Prince William before marriage, the first to have a mother who used to be an air hostess, the first to be raised in a house that has a street number instead of a fancy name and a moat with swans. Whatever snobs may say about the suitability of the match between the middle-class Miss Middleton and the monarchy, there can be no doubt of one glorious fact: some day, she will be the first Queen of the United Kingdom to have fallen over at a roller disco in a pair of yellow hotpants.

It is Kate’s only serious slip-up so far. Not bad for a girl who has had to endure the longest job interview in history. Kate was 19 when, in 2001, she met Prince William during their first term at St Andrews University. Prince William and Kate became friends – and, eight months later, more than that. Fast forward eight years and Kate was two months away from her 29th birthday when
Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement was announced.

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