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Prince William and Kate's Daughter could become Queen

Prince William and Kate Middleton's
Daughter could become Queen

An oldest daughter born to Prince William and Kate Middleton would accede to the throne ahead of any younger brothers under plans to alter “discriminatory” rules governing the line of succession.

 Prince William Wedding News: Prince William and Kate's daughter could become queen

Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, is actively pursuing the plan to scrap the principle of male primogeniture from the monarchy in order to grant any future princesses born to the couple ( Prince William and Kate ) the same rights as male children. Under current arrangements, the Prince William and Kate’s first born son would be next in line to the throne, even if he had an older sister.

Nick Clegg wants the oldest child of Prince William and Kate to
become the monarch, regardless of whether Prince William and Kate
have a boy or a girl. 

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