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Windows 8 faster, easier, smaller...“mind blowing”

The tech industry is always about the next big thing. Even before the release of Windows 7 there were those speculating about the possible features and changes in the next version of Windows.

Confirmed for 2012 lunch 

More and more evidence is emerging that Windows 8 will be released in 2012.  At these years Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC 2009), budding attendees managed to get their hands on two Windows roadmap slides that show ‘Windows 8′ launching in 2012:

Now these slides don’t really provide any information that we didn’t know; Microsoft typically leave 3 years between each release and with Windows 7 launching this year, Windows 8 was always likely to be in 2012.  It is unlikely that Microsoft would pull Windows 8’s launch forward to 2011 because it would impact Windows 7 sales with customers delaying upgrades, and unlikely they would delay until 2013 as Windows 8’s development seems to be progressing quite nicely.

John Mangelaars, Microsoft’s Regional VP of Consumer and Online, was quoted as saying, “[Apple is] doing well on the PC side but Windows 7 is a blockbuster. We got it really right. For me, Windows 8 will be mind-blowing.” All of this rabble-rousing is great, but it doesn’t hold a ton of weight. Remember how Windows Vista was going to change everything? We agree with the VP, Windows 7 was a killer upgrade, and perhaps worth the wait; we can only hope the improvements, in speed and features, continue with Windows 8.

Here is the concept videos that I have found:

Of course, these are just a few concepts out there right now and many more will certainly pop up in the coming months. I’ll do my best to stay on top of the betas and early releases and keep the readers posted on any breaking stories about the next OS, but for now, looking at what the users want and come up with will have to make do. As always, stay tuned into High Technology News. If you’ve seen any good screenshots or conept videos, link them in your comments, because I’m always interested in seeing good concepts.

” Are you passionate about software performance? Are you excited by the potential to have a positive impact on hundreds of millions of users, by improving their Windows experience? The Windows Fundamentals Performance Test Team is look for a software design engineer who can help us do just that – make future releases of Windows faster, smaller, and more responsive than Windows 7. OS Fundamentals, and specifically performance were a major area of focus during Windows 7 and will be just as important if not more so, during the development of the next version(s).. So how does this pan out? If you are a developer, and you are looking at OS development, your focus would be to change and improve Windows 7 to create a new operating system, Windows8. The next question is more interesting, how do you make Windows 8 faster and smaller and more responsive?

Given that the technologies that are under development and have been available to Microsoft, such as 128 bit processors with 6,8,12 or even 48 cores, the operating system will look very different if it is trying to work with these features. There are other technologies, for instance Solid State Drives will be replacing the traditional rotating head hard disk drives. Another technology is the light  (photon) based circuitry that will replace traditional wiring.

Touch and voice technology which came of age in Windows 7 will be in Windows8, and it will be interesting to see what the development will look like.
Embedded Systems, which need a stripped down version of the full operating system could benefit  from the new more compact Windows8 version.

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