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Google Image Search on iPhone has a new look

A couple of cool new changes on Google Image Search make searching for images on your iPhone better than it was.

Google recently changed the look of their homepage and search results and I'm sure all of you must have noticed that by now. But it's not just the desktop that the changes have been made on but on the mobile as well. While searching for some important images on Google Image Search on my iPhone, I noticed this rather interesting new change which I though I must share with you. I'm sure sooner or later you'll stumble upon it yourselves but in case you haven't yet, well, you saw it here first!

Google Iphone new look
Google Image Search on iPhone has a new look

As you can see, the thumbnails for search results are now closely packed with hardly any gap between them giving them a tiled look. If you scroll down you'll see larger forward and backward buttons with the page numbers in between so you can jump directly. But what you won't notice immediately is that you can actually swipe horizontally on the grid of icons to move between the search pages.This means you don't necessarily have to scroll down and use the forward backward buttons and you can move around as if you are in some gallery application on your phone. The next page of the search results is automatically loaded so when you scroll to it the image thumbnails are ready.

When you click on one of these images, they now open full screen. On top you can see buttons to go back to the search results or view the image in full size. Below is the name and URL of the site the image is from and its resolution and size. You can click on it to go to the original site. The top and bottom bar disappear from view after some time, so the image is in full focus. In this view the images are pixelated as they are basically stretched from their thumbnail view. Just like in the search results you can swipe on the images to move to the next or previous one. Since they are just thumbnails they take no time at all to load and it feels like you are browsing images saved on your phone.

These are minor changes but they really do make a difference to the way you search. I  must say I really liked this new changes and Google has done a pretty good job on it. I would like to know what you think of this new feature though. Do leave us a comment below.

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