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Microsoft, HP and Adobe are preparing their offensive against Apple iPad

Flash Will it be the Achilles heel of Apple iPad? Roundly criticized by Steve Jobs himself, who refuses to integrate the iPad format, Adobe has released at least one video showing the future HP Tablet Slate ran it perfectly on this technology.

85% of websites and 75% of Internet videos using Flash. With Flash Player, HP Tablet Slate provides access to the entire Web, "says Alan Tam, head of marketing at Adobe Flash, which features examples of video sites, games, video clips, d 'photo albums or digital newspaper exploiting this technology.

Adobe is not the only publisher to parasitize the launch of the iPad, the marketing must begin April 3 in the United States. The U.S. webzine Engadget, for example, aired earlier this week a mysterious video revealing Courier, a concept of dual screen tablet Microsoft, close to the Booklet already announced by the Redmond company, the future Asus Eee Reader or the Nintendo DS XL.According to Engadget, this double slate could adopt the same operating system as the Zune and especially Silverlight competitor to Flash by Microsoft, whose mobile version will be unveiled in late March at the MIX conference organized by the publisher.

Despite the false start of Tablet PCs and other Smart Display, Microsoft and its partners seem in any case, determined to win the segment of touch pads, a market that could also invest in Google or Sony in the coming months ...

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