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Google's 3D tour of the World Cup: fly to South Africa for free!

Google earth 3d stadium images from south africa
South Africa's stadium 3D via Google Earth

Google yesterday announced that it has launched Street View in South Africa,  allowing all Internet users to view street level images and 3D models of  South Africa's stadium via Google Earth.
Seven of South Africa’s football stadiums for the 2010 World Cup,  including Soccer City in Johannesburg and Moses Mabhida in Durban are  now accessible to discover from pitch-level in 360 qualifications, both interior  and exterior and it is rather an experience to take a good look at these truly unbelievable venues.

These detailed pictures were assembled over the last couple of months by Google, with pictures of around 27 South African cities and towns including Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Durban available, assisting visitors get to know the local area or navigate their way to their hotel.

Google's "Street View" service has come in for criticism recently after the California Company said the vehicles  used  to take the  images  had  furthermore  mistakenly  accumulated   personal   facts and  numbers   from unsecured wireless Internet connections.

Google apologized for the privacy break and said it had stopped assembling any more Wi-Fi network data.

This means that South Africa's tourists can see street level photographs  of the areas they will be traveling in, as well as the stadiums where  the World Cup of  2010 will come to life.

Julie Taylor, Communications Manager for Google South Africa, told MyBroadband, "This is a first for Africa, and a really stimulating development for South Africans, who can now discover their homeland in new ways, whether a new local neighborhoods in the city or a scenic coastal route  they've never seen.

“But it's furthermore going to be a huge bonus for the tourism commerce, particularly with all the worldwide tourists reaching in South Africa. Tourists will be able to take a look at sights and stadiums before they get there, while the rest of the world can enjoy the view from their cell phones or PCs."

Internet users can get access to Google's 3D tour of the World Cup pictures at  Google maps.

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