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Wedding Stationery Tips

When talking to newly engaged couples, whether they're based in America, Canada, Australia or the UK, the same topic always comes up: "Erika, what is your opinion on wedding stationery?"   I could go on and on about the importance of stationery for an entire day but instead I'm going to furnish you with some of my favourite wedding stationery tips.  If you want some further information on wedding stationery wording and etiquette, then visit my previous post.

1. Your invitation sets the overall tone for the wedding.  Be sure it reflects the style or theme of your event.    Example: If you're having a formal and elegant wedding, make sure your stationery is elegant and formal in terms of font, paper stock and embellishments, so your guests know what to expect.

2. Though not necessary, save-the-date cards increase excitement for your special event and will give you a better sense of how many people to expect at the wedding.  Plus, more people are likely to show up at the wedding as they won't book plans during your wedding week/end

3. The envelope is the first impression of the wedding so make sure it stands out by using a calligrapher, good penmanship, exquisite stamps, or a gorgeous embellishment

4. Create a consistent look across all your wedding stationery, including: save the dates, invitations, order of service, place cards, menus, and Thanks Yous 

If you'd like any creative ideas please feel free to contact us.  Happy New Years Eve! 

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