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2011 Wedding Trends

It's that time of the year!  Time to post the wedding trends for the new year.

Wedding Trends 2011

Saying "I do's" in doorways!  Sounds silly but it's been happening all over the UK.  Since the law doesn't permit couples having a ceremony outdoors, the closest they can get to mother nature is next to the door leading outdoors.

Post wedding luncheons, BBQs and parties in general are HOTT.  Why end the party at midnight?

The after party after the wedding reception is in full swing.  Many of the younger guests are continuing the party at a hotel or lounge after they leave the venue.

Engagement shoots are going to be big in the UK this year.  Couples are understanding the importance of the engagement shoot and that it gives them a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera and with their photographer.

A nude palette of peaches, blush pinks and golds are big for 2011 and on the other end of the colour wheel, I'm seeing bold and vibrant colours such as purple, tangerine, fuchsia and bright red.

Table napkins are being adorned with tiny bunches of fresh herbs to add sophistication and scent to the room.

For more 2011 wedding trends please contact Erika at weddings@flutterflyevents.com 

Photo by Lloyd Dobbie

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