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Prince William shares his pain with flood victims.

PRINCE William may live a charmed life but for a moment yesterday he, like the man standing opposite, was just a son mourning the loss of a parent. Grantham man Allan Marshall's father, Bruce, drowned after becoming trapped in his home as Queensland's raging inland flood struck.

Prince William Wedding News: Prince William shares his pain with flood victims.

William, who was spending the day in flood-ravaged south-west Queensland, asked Mr Marshall who he had lost. "I told him I lost my father. And he just stood there, and said 'I know how you feel'.
"He has lost his mother. To have somebody there and say that to you ... He knows how I feel because he has felt loss himself."

William also met the Toowoomba family of flood hero Jordan Rice, the 13-year-old boy who sacrificed his life for his little brother.

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