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Shoe of the Week...Senso

Not the first time Senso has graced the pages of Fashion by He, their last feature was over a really cool Glitter Heel. This time they are back with more of a full collection Shoe of the Week Post. Let's take this post back to basics: 6 1/2" heel and 1 3/4" platform. Leather upper. Let He say that one more time, a 6 1/2" heel!!! Now that is what He has been talking about. He keeps hearing rumors that short kitten loser heels are gonna make a spring this Spring, but f*ck that. "The higher the heel, the hotter the girl"- Senso gets it, JC gets it, say no to small heels. You all need to keep supporting brands like Senso that refuse to go small, and raise the bar and the heel height day in and day out.

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